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We deliver higher Retail Sales
through innovation, simplicity
and amazing products
Transform your shelf operations with the power of our AI solutions
Make your store perfect
  • Shelf check is

    80% faster
  • Shelf data accuracy is

    over 95%
  • Shelf data

    Unbiased and reliable
    comparing with manual retail audit
We can answer all your
daily questions
We can answer all your <br>daily questions
  • On Shelf Availability?
  • Planogram Compliance?
  • Competitive Index?
  • Share of Shelf?

For Retail

Monitor every shelf in every store to increase efficiency and sales
Our vision is to make sales operations
more strategic and dynamic

Put AI inside your Sales Effectiveness Process

Our Ailet Platform driven by visual recognition and artificial intelligence provide unbiased truth.

Motivate your sales forces based on real sales drivers and KPIs!
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Ailet AI

We made AI simple

So your brand can thrive immediately!

Ailet focused on simplifying the access to AI technology for CPG companies. With just a mobile phone and our Technology, Ailet will provide real-time magic right in front of the shelf
Take a shelf picture <br> with our Ailet App Take a shelf picture <br> with our Ailet App
Step 1

Take a shelf picture
with our Ailet App

Our App is optimized to work in different store conditions, and our AI tech works flawlessly amongst all product categories
Get the real time results on your screen Get the real time results on your screen
Step 2

Get the real time results on your screen

The Picture is instantly analyzed and in 20 sec you get an unbiased report on Product, Prices, Promo and placement. Now you can just focus to improve your 4 Ps and drive sales

The one stop tool
for your teams

Sales Management Trade Marketing Shopper Marketing Category Management
Sales Management
  1. Boost in-store execution. In real-time, we spot KPI opportunities, rank them and suggest how to improve shelf execution
  2. Performances and compliance. We provide an unbiased tool to verify both contract compliance and shelf workforce performances
  3. Merchandising workforce. Dynamically send your field employees only where it is needed the most
Trade Marketing
  1. Promo execution is checked. You can immediately implement corrections
  2. First impression counts. You can now ensure flawless execution, in every store, in every aisle
  3. Get insights. Our AI can suggest patterns from competitors activities that you can use to optimize your campaigns
Shopper Marketing
  1. Increase the brand equity. You can implement a more impactful shelf, encouraging consumers to buy your brand
  2. Control the placements. Get unbiased data of which are the most valuable shelf/product combinations to drive your sales
  3. Feedback your team with instore data that can help design better campaigns
Category Management
  1. You are data empowered to provide viable recommendations to the retailers
  2. Individual store planogram. Check compliance vs the particular store
  3. Computer vision and BI tools are used to achieve the perfect store target with a precision level not seen before

Why Ailet?

Ailet is trusted

Ailet is trusted

Every day, 15.000 users leverage Ailet. Every month, Ailet analyzes 1 Billion SKUs and 7 Million photos from 500 thousand stores
Ailet gives the power of knowledge 

Ailet gives the power of knowledge 

Just let us know which category you are interested in, and we will present you with a ready-to-use solution that will let you know what's happening on the shelf
Ailet makes the difference

Ailet makes the difference

When you compete for limited space, every selling inch counts. We hand you the most accurate, easy-to-use tool to win in-store. You can operate dynamically on the shelf or analyze your competitors' activities in a granular and organized way
Ailet is easy to integrate

Ailet is easy to integrate

You can use Ailet standalone or integrated it within your SFA/CRM. We simplify current data integrations between all SFA components. Our solution is ready for any region, store format, or selling channel

Trusted Partners

We believe that our partners' success is our success! We made Ailet easy to integrate into any SFA, CRM, Field Marketing, or Crowd Solutions so that you can leverage our expertise and create a competitive advantage. Join our Partners' network, and let's build a sustainable, profitable business together!

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